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Jim’s play Random Contingencies is his latest work, but is not available for general release.

The latest book, released in 2012, is the novel No Away, a dystopian story set in the near future, when Adam Spence finds that trying to make money as a killer unleashes the fury of government “national security” guardians. While he is pursued, society disintegrates into disease and chaos.

Jim’s true-crime memoir was released in 2011. A sample from Confessions of a Lie Detector: years of theft, sex, and murder is available on this site. Links to purchase this book in printed format or as a Kindle ebook are posted in our store.

Jim’s novels, The Spy’s Demise, a 1990s spy thriller with action that races from Moscow to New York, and Jessica’s Tune, a crime story centered on a kidnapping by a drug cartel in San Francisco, can be purchased in either printed form or as Kindle ebooks from our store.

A book of short stories, White Buffalo, and a book of poems, Gossamer Afternoons, are available only in Kindle ebook format. Our store has links to purchase and download these ebooks.

All of Jim’s printed and Kindle books are available from Amazon. Search there for “Jim Wygant.” The printed books are also available from Barnes & Noble. Search by title at www.bn.com. And of course, the printed books can be ordered from independent book sellers.

No Away Confessions Spy's Demise Short Stories Jessica's Tune

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