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Confessions of a Lie Detector:

years of theft, sex, and murder

“...the heart of a poet and soul of a philosopher. He offers insights into why people lie, later confess, and yet sometimes recant. ...This book is a must read for polygraph examiners. Others who will find it of particular interest are social workers, forensic experts, detectives, and anybody who enjoys reading about real-life crimes.”

Gordon H. Barland, Ph.D.

Chief (retired), Research Division,

Department of Defense Polygraph Institute

“Imagine getting to spend an evening with a man who for decades has sat across from thieves, rapists, and murderers, with the polygraph on his side. Imagine, too, that he is a marvelous story-teller with wit, literary sensibilities, and brilliant insights into lying and the human psyche.”

Bella DePaulo, Ph.D.

Author of Behind the Door of Deceit:

Understanding the Biggest Liars in Our Lives

(available on Amazon )

“From his years in the business, Wygant has given an extremely detailed and interesting look at the people behind the tests as well as the people who take them. To me it was quite fascinating and very much like the forensics that I am often caught up in. If you like forensics, and enjoy reading true-life crime drama, you will enjoy the work behind this book.”

rating 5/5

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