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No Away

“If you enjoy a good end-of-world thriller you will enjoy this work. The characters are strong and the setting is done well. The suspense keeps you turning the pages to see how it all ends. Wygant has written another solid performer.

TicToc Book Reviews [read entire review]

“As the world starts to collapse around us, we often only seek to get by. Adam Spence may need to do more than that or have no world to live in. ‘No Away’ follows haggard war veteran getting by in a world where the government seems to be collapsing around him and disease is wiping out the country. Spence faces his own demons as goes cross country and gain a better understanding on why everything seems to be lost. ‘No Away’ is an exciting page turner, very much recommended.

Midwest Book Review

Grade-A – Did I like it?  Yes, it was very believable in every aspect and most of the characters were three dimensional, the main characters operated in conflicting morality.


The characters of this book shine brilliantly as each is well developed and well portrayed. The tension factor is high throughout the book and makes it a real page turner…

So Much To Write So Little Time

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