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The Spy’s Demise

“An exciting spy thriller looking at the time of turbulent intelligence following the fall of Soviet Union, ‘The Spy’s Demise’ is not to be missed.”

- Midwest Book Review [read entire review]

Jim Wygant takes us back to a time when worry and fear were the daily meal of the day.

TicToc Book Reviews [read entire review]

“This was an exciting novel with great characters and an awesome story, it was a fresh look at the cold war and its aftermath.”

- Readerman.net [read entire review]

“If you love espionage, you’ll love this book! It's got a lot of excitement - it’s action-packed and you never know who to trust! ...This book is packed with paranoia and suspense that'll have you eager to find out what's going to happen next.”

- Lindsay Pasch, Confessions of a Bookworm [read entire review]

“Couldn’t put it down. Glad there’s a sequel!”

- Frances J. Berg [read entire review]

“An astounding end awaits, but the fun is in his journey.”

- Greg the Grey  [read entire review]

“...I was drawn in and the more pages I turned, the longer were my sessions with the book before putting it down...”

- Bouleroller [read entire review]

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