No Away

Here’s all that terrible stuff you’ve heard about...

Infrastructure collapse, massive unemployment, uprisings by the 99-percenters, bombings... Environmental disasters, levees breaking, coastal flooding, drought, fires... Special enforcement squads, torture, disappearances...

The world of Adam Spence has become a nightmare... and he is being pursued by a band of men, the new protectors of “national security,” maybe working for the government, maybe not, who regard him as a grave threat, part of a conspiracy he knows nothing about. In his own mind, he is only a war veteran trying to live out of the back of a stolen pickup truck. He made one serious mistake that has brought down the wrath of forces with seeming unlimited power.

And then disease strikes, a robust, lethal form of flu that wipes out whole populations.

America reduced to a siege mentality, killers for hire, a population desperate for food, millions falling prey to disease, and all that remains are personal survival skills. Adam Spence races across the United States with a woman he barely knows, trying to keep ahead of his mysterious pursuers, and find forgiveness within himself for the crimes he has committed.

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