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Samples from Jim Wygant’s books are available with the links at the left or from the “Books” menu above.

Except for “White Buffalo” and “Gossamer Afternoons,” all books are available both in printed format from booksellers (including Amazon and Barnes & Noble) or in Kindle ebook format from Amazon.

The short stories, “White Buffalo,” and the poetry, “Gossamer Afternoons,” are available only in Kindle ebook format from Amazon. They require a Kindle Reader, although you will not need the reader for samples posted here.

All of this material is copyright by Jim Wygant, so please be kind and don’t even think about stealing it.

Read sample from the post-apocalyptic novel “No Away

Read sample from non-fiction “Confessions of a Lie Detector: Years of Theft, Sex, and Murder”

Read sample from the spy novel “The Spy’s Demise

Read sample from the mystery novel “Jessica’s Tune

Read short story sample from “White Buffalo

Read poetry sample from “Gossamer Afternoons

The Spy’s Demise...

“An exciting spy thriller looking at the time of turbulent intelligence following the fall of Soviet Union, ‘The Spy’s Demise’ is not to be missed.”

- Midwest Book Review

Jessica’s Tune...

“The characters are exceptional and easy to like, Nick is smart with a big heart, but also very private. ...The book is fast paced with a great story line.”

-TicToc Reviews

Confessions of a Lie Detector...

“a must read”

- Gordon Barland, Ph.D.

“a marvelous story-teller with wit, literary sensibilities, and brilliant insights.”

- Bella DePaulo, Ph.D.

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