The Whiler

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The Whiler” examines the life of one man, from childhood into old age. The story jumps back and forth between his earliest adult years to his encounter, a half-century later, with the world pandemic that struck in 2020. Peter Imblie’s story begins in the 1960s with an awkward romantic adventure that occurs on a ferry ride from Seattle to Victoria, B.C., when Peter was a naive and insecure young man living a solitary life.

That encounter on the ferry continues to haunt Peter Imblie into his senior years. His story progresses through failures and recoveries, sadness and pleasure, and also three marriages. This is a tale that contains both humor and pathos, and some self-examination by the main character as he negotiates the uneven path of his life. There are also a couple dogs.

The chapters are presented below in consecutive order. The story is read in this audio version by the author. While you’re here, you might also take a moment to look on our Books page for a list of all of Jim’s books, including their availability. For several reviews of his writing, see the Home page.

Individual chapters can be accessed below by scrolling down; or use the following links to jump ahead several chapters.

Jump to Chapter 3 Ben, Stein, and Peter’s first two wives

Jump to Chapter 6 a church organist in Victoria

Jump to Chapter 9 worrying about Ben

Jump to Chapter 12 the pandemic

Chapter 1 of The Whiler – the ferry trip to Victoria

Chapter 2 of The Whiler – visits to the skin doctor and the dentist

Chapter 3 of The Whiler – Ben, Stein, and Peter’s first two Wives

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Chapter 4 of The Whiler – married to Janice

Chapter 5 of The Whiler – Ben, Stein, and more First Wife

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Chapter 6 of The Whiler – a church organist in Victoria

Chapter 7 of The Whiler – sickness, religion, & relationships

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Chapter 8 of The Whiler – a bus ride downtown

Chapter 9 of The Whiler – worrying about Ben

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Chapters 10 & 11 of The Whiler – two new friends

Chapter 12 of The Whiler – the pandemic

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Chapter 13 of The Whiler – lives & world conditions reviewed