Jim’s Tunes

Jim composed and recorded these tunes a few years ago, using an electronic keyboard and MIDI software on a computer. They are copyright 2022 and may not be reproduced in any form for profit, but since they are available here for free, visitors to this site may copy them and make them available elsewhere, provided the author/composer is identified. A link to this page would also be appreciated.

  • Aimless

  • Almost

  • Chickeree Chick

The following tune includes Jim, age about 5, singing into a home recording device that made a turntable recording on a piece of plastic. The brief “vocal” was recorded in the late 1940s; the keyboard stuff was done much later.

  • Corner Song

  • Dark Skies Bright Stars

  • Dark Skies

  • Falling Down, Getting Up

  • Guitar Fret

  • Lullaby Bells

  • Midnight Whistler

  • New Shoes

  • Paris Dawn

  • Safari

  • Setting Out

  • Sherman’s March

  • Simplicity

  • Sitar Moon

  • Triumph

  • Warm Breezes