Jim Wygant is the author of 13 books, including 10 novels, a book of short stories, a book of poetry, and a memoir about his work for criminal defense attorneys. His most recent works are two novels that can be read FREE on this web site. They are “The Whiler”, an audio book about an old man reviewing his long life; and an e-book “Keeping Them Happy”, a comic novel of 19 chapters about difficult relationships.

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“An exciting spy thriller looking at the time of turbulent intelligence following the fall of Soviet Union, ‘The Spy’s Demise’ is not to be missed.”
— Midwest Book Review

“…I was drawn in and the more pages I turned, the longer were my sessions with the book before putting it down…”
— Bouleroller

“If you enjoy a good end-of-world thriller you will enjoy this work. The characters are strong and the setting is done well. The suspense keeps you turning the pages to see how it all ends. Wygant has written another solid performer.”
— TicToc Book Reviews

“…the heart of a poet and soul of a philosopher. He offers insights into why people lie, later confess, and yet sometimes recant. …This book is a must read for polygraph examiners. Others who will find it of particular interest are social workers, forensic experts, detectives, and anybody who enjoys reading about real-life crimes.”
— Gordon H. Barland, Ph.D.

“Imagine getting to spend an evening with a man who for decades has sat across from thieves, rapists, and murderers, with the polygraph on his side. Imagine, too, that he is a marvelous story-teller with wit, literary sensibilities, and brilliant insights into lying and the human psyche.”
— Bella DePaulo, Ph.D.

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